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November 1, 2006

Chief Experience Officer

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My friends at McConkey/Johnstonrecently used the term CXO to stand for Chief Experience Officer.  That started the juices flowing a little bit.  Then over on the Donor Power Blog, this post appeared.  Now I really begin to think something is germinating out there.

How do you measure the effects of the different touches you have on your donors’ experiences with your organization?  Is anyone looking at an aggregate of what a donor might experience?  It is usually the simple things that can make such a difference not only in the way they respond to us as an organization but dare I say in the very fabric of their lives and how we “make their day”.  Here are some areas to consider:

  • Receipting – do you return a receipt in 24 to 48 hours from the time the gift was received?  What does your receipt say about your organization? 
  • Phone calls – how do you answer your phone calls?  Live voice or automated system?  How quickly do you answer the phone?  Two rings?  Four rings?  How many times do you let it roll to another phone? Who is representing you on the phone?
  • Voice-mail– do you allow the phone to roll to voice-mail?  What does your voice message say about you and about the organization?
  • Website – how easy is it to find information?  How easy is it to make a gift?  What information are you communicating to your donor?  How easily can a visitor find alternate contact information? 
  • Volunteers – do you have volunteer opportunities?  How do you communicate them?  How do you show appreciation to your volunteers?
  • Correspondence – do you have an established “style” book?  Is your general correspondence proofed before being sent?
  • E-mail – much the same as correspondence.  Do you have a standard “signature” format?  Do you allow staff to show their personalities through their formatting?  Do you standardized fonts?
  • Database – how accurate are your records?  How well does the information standardize throughout the organization?  Do different departments maintain different lists? 
  • Fund-raising – what do your appeals say about your organization?  How frequently do you mail, e-mail, or telephone your donors?  What words do you use in the body of the appeal?  Might they offend?

There are no generally right or wrong answers to these questions.  However, there might be right or wrong answers as they pertain to your specific organization.  How you answer will affect the experience that you donor has with your organization. 

Consider assigning someone the responsibility for answering those questions.  Then determine if you, as an organization, like the answers you are receiving.  Or more importantly, would the donors like the answers you are receiving?  If you don’t like the results, you have something to work on.


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    Many great submissions to the Carnival this week. I had a hard time choosing only seven posts. And I discovered some new and interesting blogs I didn’t know about before. Random Thoughts On Life And Work looks at the importance

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