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February 7, 2007

Surveys – New Project Part 3

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Today I released the questionnaires for completion.  I am attacking this challenge at 4 levels which will hopefully give a good picture about what is really happening in both sides of the merging department. 

Process Mapping

Here is a diagram of the process that I am going through.  You can see from the upper level that there are five sources that I am attempting to glean information from.  After the written questionnaires are done, I will then follow-up with one-on-one interviews to see what lies behind some of the comments made by those being interviewed. 

We gave everyone 3 weeks to complete the questionnaire.  I figured that it will take some time to recall all of the duties that each person does and encouraged them to keep the questionnaire by their computers so they could make notes as thoughts were generated.  We also incentivized the process to complete within two weeks by promising some sort of reward for doing so.  The measurement assessment is to be completed within one week.  Truthfully, it shouldn’t take that long.

For reference, here is the Staff Questionnaire, the Measurement Assessment, and the Management Questionnaire

The Measurement Assessment should be an interesting process.  I think non-profits tend to fall on two sides of the equation.  The either don’t measure or track anything and don’t know where they are being successful and where they aren’t or they measure too much and get buried in statistics that don’t mean anything.  The challenge is to focus on those measurements that are core to the success of the department and the organization and ignore those that aren’t.  I am sure we have some of the latter but it will be an interesting exercise to see if perception meets reality.

To be continued . . . 


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