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February 21, 2007

Assessment Results – Project Part 5

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It is rare when surprises occur in the non-profit world.  This project has been no exception.  I will confess this though, being in the middle of the department being analyzed adds its own level of difficulty.  It is hard to be completely objective through the process.  So far, I think I have managed.  We shall see.

The measurement assessment scoring is complete and I am now working on the report of the analysis.  The Assessment was scored at 4 levels. The Total score (all answers added together), the Average score for each question, the Median score for each question (half the answers were greater and half were lower), and the Modal score for each question (the most frequent answer given).

The desired range for the total score was between 176 and 195. If the score was between 146 and 175, it provides evidence that consideration should be given to rethinking and realigning the measurement efforts. If the score was 145 or less, then some concentrated effort needs to be put towards realigning the tracking efforts.

Beyond the Average, Median and Modal scores, I have been looking at score distributions.  The Measurement Assessment had and answer scale of 1 – 5 with 1 being “strongly disagree”, 3 being “neutral” and 5 being “strongly agree”.  In many respects this distribution has been more enlightening than just the Average or Modal scores.

The Assessments scored very low on the total score with the average being just 120 over a range of 80 to 157.  As you can see, there is much work to do to re-evaluate the information that we are tracking, the reports that are created, and the distribution of the information. 

To add to my insanity, I opened the the Assessment to comments at the end.  These have been very enlightening as you might imagine.  Here is a snapshot of some of them:

“I have no idea how the numbers that I jot down every day are used, or even if they are used at all. I often feel that we keep track of numbers purely to justify what people do from day to day, rather than for departmental improvement.”

“I think we have a good system for tracking certain data; however some of the data we  measure seems redundant and a wealth of useless information.”

“Bottom line – not any real consistencies or sharing of results.  Sometimes we track and it is just put in folder somewhere.  Other times we don’t track the right info or we track unnecessary information that results in wasted hours.”

Up next are the longer Questionnaires.  The amount of detail that some people are recording is truly amazing.  I can’t wait to sink my teeth into them. Onward!!


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