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March 14, 2007

Key Result Areas – Project Part 7

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Do you know what your Key Result Areas really are?  Does your staff know what they are?

One of the interesting parts of this project has been to ask each staff member during the interview process to list the top three to five things that the department must do well in order to effectively serve our donors.  What has been interesting to me, is that there has been a great deal of consistency with the answers.  Some minor variation but most of that might even be considered word choice more than anything else.

Here is the list as it develops of the key areas that the department must focus on:

  1. Be available to donors/inquirers. 
  2. Treat our donors with respect and appreciation.
  3. Provide them with timely, accurate information that answers their question or meets their need.
  4. Know the “product”.  Be familiar with the various aspects of the work the organization is engaged in.
  5. Keep the lines of communication open between the donor/development department and other departments in the organization.

Reading through that list might make you say, “Duh!”  But stop for a moment and think through how you care for and respond to your constituency.  What policies do you have in place for how your phones are answered.  What training do  you give your staff who are on the front lines of the phone response?  How well do you work with other departments to gather information about what your organization is doing and where the success stories are? 

Smaller organizations probably have an easier time with much of this.  The larger an organization gets, the easier it is to become less personal and the harder it becomes to be timely.  And yet it is in the personal response where relationships are built.  Ask your donors why they give to you and I would be willing to bet that high on the list will be a statement about how they have been treated. 

See my earlier post on inadvertent messages that we send. 

We continue to walk through our reorganization project.  It is an enlightening process for sure!


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