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July 25, 2007

Project SharePoint – Round 2

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I figured it was about time to keep my proimise to update you periodically about our implementation of SharePoint. 

SharePoint is up and running and our IS team has tweaked the DNS records to allow for simple access to the site without having to remember a big long URL.  Just a nice one word access to the site.  The following pieces are being used at this point:

  • Calendar – at this time limited to a group calendar for tracking days in and out of the office.
  • Wiki – this is probably the biggest piece as we continue to load in all of the organization’s projects and cross-reference them as relevant.  This is taking the most work at this point.
  • Shared Documents – departmental procedures have been uploaded into a convenient spot so that anyone can access the procedures without having to hunt through a confusing array of folders and subfolders.

The rollout is slow for a couple of reasons.  I want to make sure that we run it through a bunch of testing to see how it is going to function before opening it up to the majority of the staff.  Secondly, we have had some challenges in the department that have taken some focus away from the development so things have slowed a bit.

 I will say this – the biggest advantage that I can see for our application of SharePoint is the Wiki functionality.  Since this application is staying inside the firewalls, there is not a need for external sharing and some of the functionality is more than we need.

Anyway, onward we go.


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