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June 3, 2010

Twitter and Customer Service

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Haven’t posted in a long time!  But this was an interesting experience so too good not to share.

Been having internet access troubles at home.  Access provided by Charter Internet.  Got online at work to chat with their customer service.   They obviously have a few things to learn and train their techs on.  Needless to say it was not a good experience.  I was frustrated enough that I tweeted some of the more choice questions and answers that were exchanged.

Here’s where it gets interesting.  Within minutes of my first tweet I get a direct tweet from their U Matter To Charter department asking me to follow so that we could tweet/discuss the situation.  Explained what was happening.  He tested from where he was located and agreed that there was still a problem.  Escalated the tech request.  We had a tech at our house the next afternoon checking things out.  Got it working temporarily.  System went down again over the weekend.  Tweeted directly to support this time (why not since I had his address).  Got quick escalation.  Tech back to the house.  Spent a good bit of time there yesterday.  The technical problem is still not resolved – he’s supposed to be back this morning.  But they are working on it.

What I want to focus on is the use of social media like twitter to resolve customer support issues.  While it should have never gone that far, I commend Charter for having the foresight to troll Twitter to watch for issues occurring.   They took the initiative to see my tweets and respond.  My tweet was not nice.  But when they responded it was very professional and the response was quick.

Now hopefully my access will be restored today.


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