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February 6, 2014

Are You Gaining the Correct Talent

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Recently read a great article on Forbes.com about the ways that companies drive away talent. What I appreciated about it was the hard look at hiring practices and the way that potential employees could be driven out before they even start.

There is one concept I’d like readers to give some thought to though. In the article Liz Ryan speaks to the Black Hole Recruiting Portals. Specifically at issue is the number of questions that could drive people away. If you are concerned about this possibility on your own job application site, let me pose these thought considerations for you.

  1. Are the questions legally necessary?
  2. Are the questions job relevant?
  3. Is your layout friendly and inviting?
  4. How many “pages” are there and does your applicant know where they are in the process?
  5. Have you included questions to separate the resume broadcasters from the truly mission interested?

This last question is especially critical in today’s job market. With a potentially high number of applicants for any one position in your organization, do you have a quick way to weed out those that are not a great fit? An applicant who is desperate for a job may not truly be interested in what you do and why. Their long term success with  you will be limited by their calling to the mission.

Give some careful consideration to the way your online application is designed and how you might save yourself a bit of time by asking the right questions in the right way. Find the balance and hire the skilled “evangelist”. Don’t drive away the truly skilled by creating a monster of an application process.


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